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Must know techniques to create and share your articles and learnings through Medium.

Writing to me is clarity of what I have learnt on a topic, picking up this habit and so should you.

Hi Folks, this is a quick aggregation for writing your blogs over text, image, animations, graphs, code and equations.

Below are few pointers which every beginner like me must know before getting started, I will try to keep this as updated with my knowledge as possible.

Let’s get onto it !!!

  1. Using + sign on left to attach image, video, and embed links to show your youtube channel and videos, instagram , twitter, facebook posts. Just like i did for my youtube channel

2. Decide on layout by deciding first photo should cover the screen or half photo half text. Just the different ways you see on Medium articles

3. Using Drop Caps like the Big M in start of this article.. just select the entire sentence and use the symbol shown below.

4. Using Bullets go to next line type asterisk(*) and press space, similarly for numbered list type one and period (1.) and press space.

5. To type mathematical stuff like equations, algorithms; a brief knowledge of LaTex would be good. Since Medium doesn’t support direct use of LaTex inline we can convert LaTex in a picture format and paste. The best browser editor I found was Codecogs which can convert LaTex syb=ntax into picture, pdf, gif format ready to be downloaded and copied and pasted onto your medium article. Example of the equation can be

D_{KL}(P || Q) = \displaystyle \mathbb{E}_{x \sim P}\left[ \log \frac{P(x)}{Q(x)} \right] = \mathbb{E}_{x \sim P}[\log P(x) - \log Q(x)]

Below is screen you will get while converting LaTex to your equation

6. It is impeccable to know how to show your hardwork through your code. So few steps could be

  • Take screenshots of your code and insert image inline (but people can’t copy from there and you would have to share Github repo link which could be cumbersome if you want follow along coding to your article)
  • Write code inline, to activate code line , simply go to new line By pressing Enter, type triple backtick (```) and you would get a grey code block like this 👇
#Write your code here, this does not support code highlighting

7. To attach links in words, select the word and click chain option that pops and simply paste the link onto it, which makes the word underlined ready to be clicked.

8. To add emojis simply put a colon followed by name of desired emoji, sheet of which could be found here and dropdown will start as soon as you start typing possible name 😄.

9. To tag your fellow Medium writer simply @ followed by the name.

10. To have single line breaks press Shift+Enter if you are writing quotes of some philosopher.

11. Write a sentence then select it all, explore options from text inundations and section separators, like ‘ ‘ and T=

Now shall we get some ADVANCED skills up our sleeves



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